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We are here to bring the Greatness back to the communities and to the people.

Empowering Lives and Building Futures: by Lighting the Path to Success.

Majer greatness inc

a community based tax-exempt non-profit organization


Majer Greatness wants your next event to be nothing ,but great. We have space for corporate events, Art/ Photo Gallery, Podcasts space and performance stage.

Youth in Schools

We are big on giving back into the youth. Our organization provides mobile events and activity. We will bring the fun and show the value of community.


Majer Greatness values Family and community. We believe a good way to strengthen both through our skilled games and activities.

Our organization understands the importance of letting our voices being heard. There's no better way to do this than us to host your future speaking engagement.

Game Tournament's

We host our own Game Nights from Chess, Monopoly, Spades, tic tac toe, Checkers and more...



Majer Greatness provides mentoring ship for teenagers. We understand that our teens is our future and we want to support and help shape them to be great indivuial in the community.

OUR Present

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Majer Greatness Inc. is a community recreation program that provides a secure haven for youth, fostering an environment where they can embrace their youthfulness. Through engaging games and the strategic discipline of chess, we empower them with essential life skills and cultivate their decision-making abilities.

Exploring various creative avenues such as podcasting, t-shirt designing, and entrepreneurial education.

Food and Clothing Drive

In the state of Georgia homeless has grown increased by 4.4% percent since 2020. Seventeen percent is under the age of 18.Homelessness plays major role on their mental health, social life and their physical bodies. The lack of resources the homeless children faces the more detrimental compared to the poor children's.

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) estimated that 11.1% of US households were food insecure in 2018. That’s about 14.3 million households.

Hunger and homelessness often are one in the same. There are some people who live alone primarily Elders or those with Disabilities who require a helping hand from time to time. Majer Greatness Inc. supports the underserved in our community and assists by donating food weekly.

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If you would like to support those in need, please feel free to donate as little as $5 or more.

All help is greatly appreciated.

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Event Space

check us out on peerspace here!

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Our future

Our Non-Profit Majer Greatness Entrepreneurship program focuses on fostering personal growth, skill development, and a sense of community. The program will consist of various groups focusing on different activities that promote Self- Employment and Business Development / Partnership and of course Entrepreneurship. In addition, we provide life groups to provide essential life skills and guidance utilizing the game of chess.

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Majer Greatness Entrepreneurship Program

june 5-30th First round

July 3-28th second round

july 29th-30th POP up shop

Group session Activities

Podcast Group (12-1:30pm) (4:00pm-5:30pm)

JEWELRY mAKING GROUP (12:30-2pm) (2pm-3:30pm)

T-Shirt dESIGN gROUP ( 3:30pm-5PM) (5PM-6:30PM)

Cost(s) of the Program

Weekly rates (dISCOUNTED FOR THE SUMMER) $ 75.00



Each session is 90 minutes

About Us

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To provide a Recreational and Alternative Behavior Intervention and Diversion Program geared to assist all individuals of all ages in the state of Georgia.

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As a member of the Stonecrest/Lithonia community for over ten years I have observed the downfall of the mental and emotional state of our youth and other individuals within the community.

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Fill a void for the community by providing Safe Recreational Places and Activities that are geared towards individuals in need of a safe outlet.

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About Us


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mAJER greatness INC.




2906- A Evans Mill rd. Lithonia, GA 30038


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